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Utah, Zion National Park, The Narrows, Fall

Another new image from my trip to the Narrows this past fall.  This was a shot I’d been eyeing for a few years, but never seemed to have everything line up correctly.  Either the light wasn’t right, wrong time of day, wrong time of year, etc.  Finally got it all to line up last year.  Hiking the Narrows is quite an amazing experience.


Fall Color, Narrows, Zion


Deep in the Narrows, in Zion National Park, Utah, this tree was growing straight out of the cliff.  Approximately 100 feet above the river below and several hundred feet below the top of the cliff.  I found it amazing the tree could survive in such a seemingly illogical location.  Light had just illuminated its leaves but had yet to reach high enough into the sky to light the lower portions of the narrow canyon.  I felt it left an incredible scene of stark contrast as the tree blazed a brilliant yellow against a dark canyon wall.


Fall Color, Zion, National Park, Utah, Kaleidescope


Another new image from a trip to Zion National Park in Utah this past fall.  I’ve had on my list to hit the main canyon of Zion during peak color for the past few years.  This year I finally hit it in full stride.  The park is an amazing photographer’s playground, especially during fall color.  Zion is definitely one of my favorite parks to hike and explore in.  On this trip I focused primarily on the main canyon and the Narrows.  Had some great weather and even better color.  More images are on the way…

Rise Above

Blue Lakes Pass, Southwest Colorado, San Juan Mountains, Sunrise, Mt. Sneffels Wilderness

I finally got clouds at one of my favorite locations!  Blue Lakes Pass located in the San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado is one of my favorite locations in Colorado.  I’ve been going here for a couple of days every year for almost 3 years now and I always seem to get a nice sunrise, but nothing I consider print worthy.  Finally this past fall was a nice change and I had awesome clouds to go with a amazing sunrise.

After tent camping the night before with a couple of good friends, I hiked up to the ridge in the dark and cold.  It was a little sketchy in the dark and my friends actually ended up turning back about half way.  The clouds were moving very quickly and I’d get glimpses of a brilliant crescent moon in between the gaps.  I was hopeful the clouds wouldn’t all clear out before sunrise as they have on me so many times in the past.  This time everything worked out and there was enough of a gap on the horizon for the sun to shoot through and light up the clouds giving me an amazing sunrise show.

Shot of our tents from the night before:





Catch Fire

Moab, Utah, Sunrise, Mesa Arch, National Park

Finally a new image!  I know, I know…it’s been a while!  I should have several more coming over the next few months.  This past fall I was able to get out for some great backpacking trips to Zion, Canyonlands, Arches, and Death Valley.

This is a shot from the iconic Mesa Arch, in Canyonlands National Park near Moab, Utah.  When the sun pops over the La Salle mountains the light reflects off the sheer cliff walls and bounces up to illuminate the arch.  Truly a breathtaking location for sunrise!


Trip Reports: Pacific Northwest

Finally have my images up from a week long backpacking trip in the Pacific Northwest.  We spent half the week on the Olympic Coast in Northwest Washington and the other half visiting waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.  Visited some really great locations and had amazing weather!

Ruby Beach, Washington, WA, Pacific Northwest, Starfish

Holding On : Prints Available

Starfish cling to a rock at low tide on Ruby Beach. 
Shi Shi Beach, Olympic Peninsula, Washington, WA, Morning, Sunrise, Beach

Day Dreams : Prints Available

A beautiful morning on Shi Shi beach on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.
Newport, OR, Beach

Taffy Skies : Prints Available

Thor's Well, Oregon, Coast, Pacific Northwest, Ocean

Thor's Well : Prints Available

Second Beach, WA, Washington, Beach, Reflection

Leave It All Behind : Prints Available

Second Beach, Beach, Washington, WA

Kings and Pawns : Prints Available

 Moonset on Second Beach, WA.
Punchbowl Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, Portland

The Punchbowl : Prints Available

Ponytail Falls, Columbia River Gorge, OR

Wonder : Prints Available

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, Waterfall

Somewhere In Between : Prints Available

Backcountry waterfall in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge.
Hikers, Wahclella Falls, Oregon

All You're Missing : Prints Available

HIkers enjoying the awe inspiring scenery in the Columbia River Gorge near Portland, OR.
Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, Waterfall

A Path Less Taken : Prints Available

A slot canyon covered in moss with an amazing waterfall at the end rewards hikers willing to do some wading to reach their goal.  Located in the heart of waterfall country in the Columbia River Gorge, Onenonta falls remains hidden to anyone unwilling to take the plunge.