Trip Reports – Mt Rainier National Park

Finally! Some new images. I was fortunate enough to get to spend 8 days solo backpacking in Mt Rainier National Park this past summer. I had never been there, so I spent much of my time scouting and hiking. It rained pretty much the entire time I was there. I saw Rainier the first day I was there and the last day and a half. That being said, it was still an awesome trip. I was able to get a ton of backcountry hiking in. The mountain itself is absolutely staggering. I’ve been around big mountains, but wasn’t really prepared for how jaw dropping it would be. This was also my first trip during wildflower season. It was crazy how many wildflowers there were, they were everywhere! I saw a huge brown bear near Pyramid Peak. Scared the poor guy pretty bad though, he saw me as I reached for my GoPro and went tearing across the meadow before I could get him on camera.

Mt Rainier National Park,Wonderland Trail,fog,forest,trees

Backcountry,Camping,Mt Rainier National Park

Mazama Ridge,Mt Rainier National Park,Wildflowers,rainier, lupine

Beargrass,Mt Rainier National Park, rainier

Wonderland Trail, Backcountry, Rainier National Park, WA, meadows, wildflowers, fog

Mazama Ridge,Mt Rainier National Park,Wildflowers,rainier,sunrise, lupine

Mt Rainier, Rainier National Park, Washington, Backcountry, Wonderland Trail, Morning, Pano

Mt Raininer, Rainier National Park, Washington, Camping, Tent, Backcountry, Wonderland Trail, Beargrass, Wildflowers

More new images are on there way once I get through them. Still to come: Canadian Rockies, Zion, and Yosemite.