Trip Reports: Canadian Rockies

Some new images from my trip to the Canadian Rockies this past fall. For part of the trip we visited Assiniboine Provincial park to photograph and explore for several days. Took some logistics and planning as there are no roads into the park. The only way in is by hiking, helicopter, or horseback. We took the heli in and then hiked out 20 miles at the end of our trip. It was a great adventure and we had a blast. I’m definitely going to have to visit the park again. Although maybe next time I’ll take the heli both ways! Mt Assiniboine is absolutely staggering. It’s called the Mattehorn of the Rockies for a reason.

2014,Alberta,Assiniboine,Assiniboine Provincial Park,Mt. Assiniboine,Sunburst Lake,canadian rockies

2014,Alberta,banff national park, canada, moraine lake, sunrise,canadian rockies

2014,Alberta,canadian rockies,sunset,Yoho National Park, Canada, Emerald Lake

2014,Alberta,Assiniboine,Assiniboine Provincial Park,Cerulean Lake,Mt. Assiniboine,Sunburst Lake,canadian rockies

2014,Alberta,Rain,Canadian Rockies, aspens, storm, rain

2014,canadian rockies, backcountry, crescent moon, moonset, sunrise

2014,Alberta,canadian rockies,sunset, banff national park, peyto lake, fall, canada

2014,Alberta,Assiniboine,Assiniboine Provincial Park,Larches,Mt. Assiniboine,September,canadian rockies