2018 – Glacier Peaks Wilderness

Glacier Peaks Wilderness in Washington had long been on my list, but I’d never taken the opportunity to go explore it before. This summer one of my buddies and I took a 63 mile backcountry loop through a section of it. Pretty amazing scenery throughout. Wildfires and bald blue skies made for less than epic photography, but the backpacking was amazing.

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Chasing Daylight : Prints Available

2018, Sol Duc Falls, Washington
We Might Fall : Prints Available

Chris hiking up Spider Glacier.

The hike we took on the way down from Lyman Glacier to Lyman Lakes:

A few snapshots from the trip:

New Images – Coming Soon

I have new images coming later this winter. It’s been an incredibly busy summer and with all the travelling I just haven’t had time to post new images.

I have had a pretty good year with new images though, and should have a handful coming from: Oregon, Washington, Canada, Michigan, Minnesota, and Utah. So stay tuned.


Fall Color, Narrows, Zion


Deep in the Narrows, in Zion National Park, Utah, this tree was growing straight out of the cliff.  Approximately 100 feet above the river below and several hundred feet below the top of the cliff.  I found it amazing the tree could survive in such a seemingly illogical location.  Light had just illuminated its leaves but had yet to reach high enough into the sky to light the lower portions of the narrow canyon.  I felt it left an incredible scene of stark contrast as the tree blazed a brilliant yellow against a dark canyon wall.