Rise Above

Blue Lakes Pass, Southwest Colorado, San Juan Mountains, Sunrise, Mt. Sneffels Wilderness

I finally got clouds at one of my favorite locations!  Blue Lakes Pass located in the San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado is one of my favorite locations in Colorado.  I’ve been going here for a couple of days every year for almost 3 years now and I always seem to get a nice sunrise, but nothing I consider print worthy.  Finally this past fall was a nice change and I had awesome clouds to go with a amazing sunrise.

After tent camping the night before with a couple of good friends, I hiked up to the ridge in the dark and cold.  It was a little sketchy in the dark and my friends actually ended up turning back about half way.  The clouds were moving very quickly and I’d get glimpses of a brilliant crescent moon in between the gaps.  I was hopeful the clouds wouldn’t all clear out before sunrise as they have on me so many times in the past.  This time everything worked out and there was enough of a gap on the horizon for the sun to shoot through and light up the clouds giving me an amazing sunrise show.

Shot of our tents from the night before:





3 thoughts on “Rise Above

  1. Hey Luke. Super shot. I really like the soft color and detail in the clouds. Nice composition. The night shot is cool too! Guess I should have hiked my butt up there… 😉

  2. Thanks Monte! Yeah, you definitely should have come up. Although it was COLD! I think I only managed to get about an hour of sleep because the wind felt like it was going to blow my tent down the mountain at any moment! Clouds like that make everything better though!

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